Starship anterprise

Big black ants moved into this candle holder and we dubbed it the Starship Anter prise. What a treat. It’s like one of those science displays where you get to see the inside workings of things like a bee hive or a termite mound.

It’s been hot, still and humid and today winged ants emerged and arranged themselves on the outside. I imagine they’re getting their wings harder before they take flight.

There’s no shortage of trees and places in the garden where they could have set-up so it’s interesting they chose the starship. One good thing is it’s kept the ant-habitants out of the rain. It’s been a very wet wet season here.

While some may have reached for a can of pesticide, we’ve marveled at the ants for months and wish them well on their journey to boldly keep going where no ant has been before.


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